UK Labour Party Plans A Full Ban On Fox Hunting

Fox hunting loopholes must be closed, the shadow environment secretary said


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A fox hunt with hounds, which Labour has promised to ban Labour has pledge to impose a proper ban on fox hunting if it wins the next election - Media Credit: Farlap / Alamy Stock Photo

UK opposition party Labour has pledged to eliminate fox hunting “within its first term” in power.

Currently, hunting with dogs is illegal in the UK. However, the practice continues under the cover of “trail hunting,” where hounds follow a pre-laid scent.

Reports have shown how, despite the ban, illegal fox hunting continues to have devastating impacts across the UK.

Last year, Scotland introduced new legislation to crack down on illegal fox hunting. 

Labour plans to tighten Hunting Act

A fox hides from a hunting party in the UK
Adobe Stock Fox hunting is a cruel and outdated tradition, according to the majority of Brits

Hunting with dogs has been illegal since 2004, when Labour passed the Hunting Act. Since then, attempts by the Conservative Party to lift the ban have come to nothing.

Even so, it remains legal to lay trails using artificial scents, which is widely acknowledged to be a “smokescreen” for actual hunting.

Foxes are “still getting killed as a result of those loopholes and we will close those loopholes,” Steve Reed, the shadow environment secretary, told The Times.

“It’s time fox hunting was consigned to the history books,” Labour MP Luke Pollard added in a post on X.

UK public opposes fox hunting

The vast majority of the UK public opposes fox hunting.

In recent years, footage from Hunt Saboteur groups has gained widespread media attention and opened more people’s eyes to the cruelty of this “tradition.”

The UK’s most senior police officer on foxhunting had previously called the current situation unworkable, adding that “the law needs revisiting.”

A change in countryside policy?

A General Election must be held in the UK before January 2025. With Labour comfortably ahead in the polls and expected to form the next government, this could mean protection for foxes and other wildlife within the next five years.

Campaign group Protect The Wild welcomed Labour’s commitment to end fox hunting. However, in a post, the group cautioned against attempts at reform.

“It’s all very well saying they’ll ‘toughen the Hunting Act’ but the Hunting Act is inherently flawed and is enabling hunts to continue killing wildlife undeterred.

“The solution is a new proper ban on all hunting with hounds.”

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