International Vegan Film Festival: How To Attend Virtually From Anywhere In The World

The festival will screen 44 films from eight countries


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A woman watching TV The International Vegan Film Festival will screen popular films like 'SLAY' and 'Eating Our Way To Extinction' - Media Credit: Adobe Stock

People from across the world will be able to virtually attend the International Vegan Film Festival (IVFF) this month. 

The event, which is hosted by plant-based food brand Wicked Kitchen, takes place in Ottawa, Canada, on Saturday, November 5. It will be followed by virtual screenings from November 7-24. 

The virtual screenings will show 44 films from eight different countries. Attendees can purchase an entire festival pass, which will grant them access to 12 feature and 32 short vegan-themed films. They can also buy tickets for individual film blocks, which are around 90 minutes each. 

Film categories include Best Overall Film, Animal Advocacy, Lifestyle, Environmental Protection, Health and Nutrition, and Public Service Announcement.

What films will be shown at the International Vegan Film Festival?

Among the films shown during the event is Where Does KFC Chicken Come From?.

This film was created by vegan fried chicken brand VFC. It was made in response to a KFC promotional video hosted by YouTuber Niko Omilana named Behind the Bucket. It saw Omilana visit one of KFC’s chicken farms, and showed chickens with fresh straw and an apparently reasonable amount of space. 

VFC visited the same KFC farm to uncover its true conditions. They found the ground was “sodden with animal feces” and had very little straw on it. They also reported dead chickens on the floor, a number of sick and injured animals, as well as inaccessible, plastic-wrapped bales and perches.

Another film shown will be Eating Our Way To Extinction. This environmental documentary explores the huge impact animal agriculture has on our food system. It’s narrated by Kate Winslet, and was recently endorsed by Paul McCartney. 

How can I attend the in-person International Vegan Film Festival?

The in-person IVFF will be held at the Chamber Theatre at Ben Franklin Place, Ottawa. 

It will screen two feature films. The first is SLAY, which looks at the ethical and environmental costs of exploiting animals for fashion. The second is Eating Our Way To Extinction. It will also show 13 short films in the evening. 

You can purchase tickets for the in-person or virtual screenings here

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