A New Vegan Summit Is Coming Next Month, And Everyone’s Invited

Experts from the vegan sector will offer insights into how the food system can be changed for the better


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two women talking and looking at a sheet of paper The new summit is free to attend - Media Credit: Alexander Suhorucov | Pexels

This September will see the first-ever European Vegan Summit (EVS) hosted online. 

Confirmed influential speakers include MEPs Franciso Guerreiro and Sylwia Spurek and Jennifer Stojkovic, founder of the Vegan Women Summit.

The virtual conference will be hosted by Beyond Animal, which specializes in ethical investment and vegan networking.

Experts from the media, business, science, and NGO sectors will come together to discuss key themes like politics, activism, and science, all within a vegan framework. 

A vegan summit to craft real-world solutions

Green REV Institute, a vegan think-tank in Poland, has organized The EVS event. A first of its kind, the enterprise engages in advocacy work within the EU, highlighting a need for alternatives to animal agriculture.

“We believe it is high time to start connecting the dots between the world of human rights, environmental rights and animal rights,” Green REV Institute says.

It continues: “It is impossible to create a modern nation and develop competitive economies without changing the food system. Only an economy without animal exploitation can provide the answer to the challenges brought by climate catastrophe.”

Taking animals out of the food system

Research suggests half of Europeans are actively reducing their intake of animal products.

Germany is a driver of the trend and Sweden is also showing a marked reduction in meat consumption. However, systemic food industry change is still lacking.

Dr. Peter Carter, an IPCC climate expert, claims that a massive move towards plant-based lifestyles is “imperative” if we are to stand a chance of halting global warming. 

Animal agriculture is responsible for around 14.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Methane is a particular concern, due to its intense warming potential and prevalence, thanks to cattle farming. 

An open invitation to vegans worldwide

The EVS is free to attend online, with all participants welcome.

“It is a meeting place for inspiring people who believe that only a future without animal exploitation can be the answer to the challenges posed by the climate catastrophe,” the event states.

All content will be streamed in English with 12 talks, 72 speakers, and 4 exhibitions confirmed.

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