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New Investigation Uncovers Severe Animal Cruelty In Aldi Supply Chain

Mercy for Animals is calling on Aldi to adopt meaningful animal welfare standards for all its chicken suppliers


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A recent investigation has revealed the shocking conditions animals are exposed to at an Aldi chicken supplier.

An undercover investigator for Mercy for Animals, a non-profit animal protection charity, captured the footage at a contract farm for the supermarket chain.

This comes soon after the charity exposed the names of major retailers that are lagging behind in their efforts to address welfare issues associated with chickens raised for meat.

Aldi is among the companies that ranked the lowest for standard practices in the chicken industry.

Animal cruelty on chicken farms

The hidden-camera footage shows tens of thousands of chickens packed into overcrowded sheds, forced to live in waste-soaked litter for weeks. The investigator also documented countless birds, including day-old chicks, suffering from severe open wounds, twisted necks and beaks, and other serious injuries.

Many of these conditions arise from the way chickens are routinely bred to grow unnaturally large over a short space of time. This inflicts a huge amount of physical and mental stress on the birds.

In the hard-hitting video, workers are seen hurling sick and injured live birds into buckets to die. Some were crushed under the weight of corpses piled on top of them.

In light of the footage, Mercy for Animals is calling on Aldi to adopt meaningful animal welfare standards for all its chicken suppliers. The charity is urging Aldi to undertake the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC), which requires extra space, litter, and lighting, as well as environmental enrichments. 

As a way for individuals to take action, Mercy for Animals encourages eliminating animal products altogether. It states on its Aldi Uncovered website: “We can end this cruel, unsustainable system. By choosing plant-based foods, we can build a food system that is good for animals, people, and our planet.”

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Zoe Elen Copley
Zoe Elen Copley
1 month ago

Please Aldi get a grip on recognising animal cruelty. This is no way to grown a chicken. They should be able to do this all by themselves.
This needs to change. Cruel and inhuman.
Why do humans destroy and hurt everything.
The same goes to all your suppliers for the nest chain. Do you actually watch the videos of how your food is looked after and turn slaughtered. I have and I’m vegan all the way now