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Musician Moby has described Leonardo DiCaprio as a ‘bold-faced vegan’ in a new article about a vegan brunch he shared last year with Jane Goodall and the actor.

Writing a piece published today by The Spectator, titled My vegan brunch with Leo DiCaprio and Jane Goodall, Moby described how he had become friends with the actor.

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Vegans buying houses

“I’d recently sold a house to Leo’s parents, and had in the process become friends with Leo,” Moby wrote.

“As an aside, before selling the house to Leo’s parents, there was a brief bidding war between his family and Morrissey.

“In Los Angeles, bidding wars on houses take place between bold-face vegans.”


Moby’s article is surprising, as DiCaprio has been described as a non-vegan by other sources including Cowspiracy and What the Health Co-director Keegan Kuhn who last year told PBN that the actor ditched beef after watching Cowspiracy in a bid to reduce his carbon footprint.

He said: “Obviously I want people to go 100 percent vegan – I think that’s where we’re going to see the greatest benefit to the planet, the animals, and to human health, but if they just make one step, one takeaway, that’s great and I encourage that.”

DiCaprio has famously invested in vegan businesses – including Beyond Meat.

PBN has contacted Leonardo DiCaprio for comment.

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