Company Creates First Ever Vegan-Certified Precision Fermentation Dairy

TurtleTree has developed the first precision fermentation dairy to achieve vegan certification


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TurtleTree CEO and Co-Founder Fengru Lin holds a glass of the world's first vegan-certified lactoferrin, LF+ TurtleTree has developed the world's first vegan-certified lactoferrin, LF+ - Media Credit: TurtleTree

Sustainable nutrition pioneer TurtleTree has been awarded the first ever vegan certification for a precision fermentation dairy product.

Vegan Action, the top vegan certification organization in the US, certified LF+, the Singaporean company’s “sustainable lactoferrin” (lactoferrin is a protein found in milk).

More and more consumers are avoiding dairy for its ethical and environmental impacts. In response, companies are using precision fermentation to make a bioidentical version. Precision fermentation (PF) is a form of brewing that genetically engineers microflora to make proteins or fats.

Fengru Lin, CEO and Co-Founder of TurtleTree, said in a statement: “As conscious consumers increasingly prioritize ethical choices, we aim to provide food and beverage brands with the unwavering confidence that our products align seamlessly with those evolving values.” 

Vegan certification for precision fermentation dairy

TreeTurtle's precision fermented lactoferrin
TurtleTree TurtleTree is celebrating the first vegan certification for a precision fermentation dairy

Dozens of companies are working on precision fermentation dairy. Most precision fermentation products do not involve animal products or byproducts. However, the genetic codes required in production mean that strict adherence to vegan standards requires care and attention.

TurtleTree’s LF+ is the first product to prove that its process adheres to the highest ethical standards. For now, the certification makes LF+ the only certified vegan lactoferrin available.

Lin added: “With this certification, we are putting words into action and allowing that action to be validated by a third party. We want to build a food system that is sustainable and enables animals to live happier and healthier lives.”

Ethical precision fermentation

Precision fermentation has created a buzz in recent years. Dairy is widely seen as a cruel and unsustainable industry for people, cows, and the planet. It is a prime target for precision fermentation replacements.

Last month, Daisy Lab, a New Zealand (Aotearoa) tech company announced that it had successfully scaled up an animal-free whey powder.

The vegan certification sets a new standard for the future of precision fermentation. Krissi Vandenberg, Director of Vegan Action, said in a statement: “We were thrilled to get TurtleTree’s product Vegan Certified because of the clear benchmark this sets for the rest of the industry.”

She added: “TurtleTree’s dedication to ethical practices and transparency is commendable and will undoubtedly inspire other precision fermentation companies.”

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