Billionaire Jim Mellon Calls On Big Firms To ‘Prioritize’ Cell-Cultured Meat


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Jim Mellon talks cell-cultured meat investments 'This has got to happen,' he pleaded - Media Credit: Euro News/YouTube

British billionaire, investor, and author Jim Mellon believes we need to make investment in alternative protein sources a national priority.

During an interview, he suggested establishing an industry association in the UK. 

He said this would encourage government ministers and big businesses to put their expertise, knowledge, and investment behind the growth of alternative protein sources.

Jim Mellon

His book Moo’s Law explains the causes of radical change in human consumption of animal products. 

In it, he makes predictions about future scenarios by sharing motives, which mobilize and encourage key players to take part in the revolution.

While being interviewed by Plant CEO, Mellon shared how his love of dogs inspired him to love all animals and question the treatment of intensively farmed land animals. 

He stopped eating meat six years ago but revealed he still eats fish once a week. However, he claims he is gradually weaning himself off.

Mellon has made a number of predictions across social media in recent months regarding the collapse of the meat and dairy industries.

Jim Mellon’s made some stellar predictions on alternative protein in the past

Encouraging responsible investment 

As an investor Mellon ensures his company, Agronomics, doesn’t invest in anything that promotes animal cruelty. He is the largest shareholder in Agronomics. 

The company aims to remove animal cruelty from the food supply chain by developing cell-cultured meat.

He claims a lot of big firms aren’t doing enough to battle climate breakdown. And, that the food industry can make a difference. 

“Big food companies here in Europe like Unilever and Nestlé should be encouraged by investors of all types to accelerate the process of developing alternative proteins.”

He suggests establishing an industry association in the UK. This is to encourage government ministers and industry giants to listen to suggestions from people within the business industry.

“This has got to happen. This is not some sort of left or right project. This is a project that’s necessary for all of us on the planet. This should not be politicized. This should be a matter of national priority.”

Companies already moving away from animal agriculture

There’s a growing number of companies making headway in the alternative meat and dairy market. 

Mellon has invested in some of these through his $300 million dollar business, Agronomics. 

Companies he’s working with include Blue Nalu, which creates cell-cultured seafood. There’s also Vitro Labs, which makes leather from stem cells, and Meatable.

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