Reading Time: 2 minutes 'The meat and dairy industries are guzzling up our water supply' Credit: Michael Schratter
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Acclaimed actor and animal-rights advocate Pamela Anderson is appearing on pro-vegan billboards across the US.

The Baywatch star is the face of a new ad that debuted on April 5 ahead of Earth Day (April 22).

Pamela Anderson billboard

It has been placed outside a number of Sioux Falls fast-food outlets, and declares: “Meat and Dairy Farms Drain Half the Country’s Water.”

Ingrid Newkirk is the President of PETA – the vegan charity that created the billboards. In an online statement, she said: “The meat and dairy industries are guzzling up our water supply and sending our planet down the drain.

“PETA wants everyone to follow Pamela Anderson’s example and make a splash for animals and the environment by giving vegan meals a try.”

According to PETA, ‘growing water-intensive crops simply to feed animals raised for their flesh or milk consumes more than half the water used in the country’.

Moreover, it says ‘Runoff from animal agriculture is also one of the leading causes of river and lake pollution‘. 

‘Meat and dairy farms drain half the country’s water’ Credit: PETA

‘Vegan Mentor’

This isn’t the first time Anderson has used her platform to advocate veganism.

Last year, the celeb wrote to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, offering to be his ‘vegan mentor’. 

The letter follows reports the politician had invested a staggering $95 million in a plant-based protein facility. 

Moreover, Anderson wrote: “Your fiscally responsible move not only creates good jobs for Canadians. But, also spares countless animals a terrible life and death. 

“As COVID-19 has exposed serious health risks associated with factory farms and slaughterhouses… The world needs more sensible leaders like you, who are willing to embrace clean, compassionate, and clever food solutions.

“Were you to drop meat and dairy from your personal diet – which I so hope you will… I would be honored to be your mentor. And, to suggest some of the tasty, diverse vegan foods proudly produced in Canada”

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