Reading Time: 2 minutes 'I think the world has a meat addiction' Credit: Ludi Lin
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Actor and model Ludi Lin has praised the benefits of a plant-based diet while declaring the world has a ‘meat addiction‘. 

The Mortal Combat star made the comments in a recent interview about his diet with Mens’ Health

Ludi Lin plant-based diet

“I eat a plant-based diet for many reasons,” Lin told the publication. “One of the reasons is because it’s healthy. The other reason is that I want to. 

“I have everything I need in a plant-based diet. My proteins are usually hemp [and] peanut butter. They’re complete proteins, especially hemp, it’s one of the biggest and best plant-sourced proteins.”

The celeb says his diet consists of ‘a lot of vegetables’ – with a particular liking for the skin of pumpkins. He also eats sheets of nori seaweed when he wants a snack and stays hydrated with plenty of water.

Lin also receives help from vegan chef Daphne Cheng. She cooked the actor zucchini pasta with mushrooms, bell peppers, and a peanut sauce – as well as chocolate protein balls for dessert. 

The star says eating plant-based is ‘inevitable’ because it’s good for him and the planet

‘The world has a meat addiction’

“I think the world has a meat addiction because we evolved to love meat,” Lin added.

“It gives us the flavor umami, which usually we associate with meat.

“And basically, our brains are hacked to think that we need this meat -the more meat the better – but for me, it’s not the case because I re-hacked it and I get my umami from mushrooms…

“Eating plant-based and staying away from animal products is something I think is inevitable because it’s good for the Earth, it’s good for my body. I feel good about it because animals are cute and also it’s the only thing that’s sustainable.”

You can watch the full Men’s Health Video here

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