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Award-winning actor turned environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is urging his fans to slash their meat intake to fight the climate crisis.

Last night, the star promoted plant-based meat to his 19.5 million Twitter and 18 million Facebook followers.

‘Reduce climate change’

He posted a picture stating: “If every person in the US replaced just one beef burger per week with a plant-based Beyond Burger. It would be the equivalent of taking 12 million cars off the road.”

Last night, the star promoted plant-based meat to his 37million followers….

DiCaprio captioned the post: “Every single person can help the planet and reduce climate change with one small choice every week.

“Join me and Beyond Meat in our mission to rethink the future of food.”

Animals are ‘worth more alive’

DiCaprio regularly uses his platform to advocate for the welfare of animals. Last year, during the first outbreak of COVID-19, the celeb called for an end to the wildlife trade, saying animals are ‘worth more alive’.

The star made the comment after reposting a breaking news story from WildAid on how Vietnam has banned all imports of wild animals, dead or alive, to reduce further pandemic risk.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio vegan?

The star has invested in plant-based brand Beyond Meat, and executively produced the environmental documentary Cowspiracy. 

Moreover, he reportedly requested a plant-based meal during the 2020 Governors Ball and has branded vegan meat as ‘the future’. However, it is not confirmed whether DiCaprio is vegan or not.

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