Reading Time: 2 minutes 'I try to get them to eat as much plant-based as possible' Credit: Kim Kardashian
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Kim Kardashian says she tries to make her kids eat plant-based ‘as much as possible’. 

The reality TV star made the comment in a recent vegan cooking tutorial for Poosh

Are Kim Kardashian’s kids plant-based?

While cooking Beyond Beef tacos with Tracy Romulus – Kim was asked whether her four children like the vegan dish.

“They do,” the celeb replied. I try to get them to eat as much plant-based as possible. They really don’t know the difference.”

Kim added that her daughter North was particular ‘into’ vegan food. 

‘Mostly’ plant-based

Last year, during a Twitter Q&A, the media personality turned entrepreneur announced she had ditched meat and was ‘mostly’ plant-based.

When asked whether her children also followed a vegan diet, Kim responded: “Yess they do! North is a pescatarian though.”

In the cooking tutorial, Kim also spoke about her journey with plant-based eating.

Kim featured in a vegan cooking tutorial for Poosh

“I didn’t do it religiously – only when I was at home,” she said. “I just met chefs that loved to cook plant-based and were teaching me so much about, like, sea moss and all of these amazing food that have these really good health benefits.

“So, I would always say I’m plant-based when I’m at home but I’m not plant-based if I go to a restaurant like I can’t control myself.

“Then I stopped, I got over it. Maybe a year later, I got reintroduced to it. I think I tried something that was just really good and it was plant-based. 

“Luckily, I have the help of amazing chefs that have figured out how to find the things I love and make a plant-based version of that.”

Kim added that she never wants to be a ‘hypocrite’ and said there may be times where she still consumes animal products in the future. 

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