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Kim Kardashian has praised Nestlé over its new vegan KitKat

The reality TV star turned entrepreneur recently raved about the dairy-free chocolate in a series of Instagram stories.

Kim Kardashian praises vegan KitKat

Nestlé sent the celeb a box of personalized vegan KitKats – which debuted in the UK earlier this week.

“If anyone knows me, my favorite candy is a KitKat.,” Kim told her 229 million followers: But guys, they’ve called it a ‘Kim Kat’ – the first vegan KitKat! You have no idea how happy this makes me.”

Then, the star, who follows a plant-heavy diet, posted a picture of a half-eaten bar, captioned: “Wow, so good.’


Despite the celebrity approval, Nestlé has stirred opinions online for its vegan venture. 

In fact, a poll conducted by Plant Based News found more than a quarter (26.5 percent) of readers would not buy the dairy-free bar.

One social media user vowed to ‘never’ buy anything from Nestlé, adding: “Motive is everything and their motive is money at all costs.”

However, the majority of respondents voted in favor of trying the vegan KitKat – highlighting how difficult it could be to boycott all non-vegan companies.

“Definitely,” one user commented. “More sales could mean Nestlé releasing more vegan products in the future. 

“I also buy most food from Tesco, they’re not a vegan company, same thing?”

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