Rescued Cow Named After Kim Kardashian For Promoting Plant-Based Diet To The Masses

The 'drop-dead gorgeous' cow has been named 'Kim Kowdashian' to thank the reality TV star ‘showing compassion to moms of all species’


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Kim Kardashian poses on sofa Kim Kardashian follows a plant-heavy diet - Media Credit: Facebook / Kim Kardashian

A vegan charity has named a rescued cow Kim Kowdashian in honor of a popular celebrity.

An Indian affiliate of PETA wanted to thank reality TV star Kim Kardashian for ‘showing compassion to moms of all species’.

Kim Kowdashian

A sanctuary supported by the charity gained custody of the cow after her former owner was caught abusing her on the street. 

PETA describes the cow as ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ with ‘striking eyes and long, dark eyelashes’.

A spokesperson from the charity added: “While Kim the rescued cow prefers calm days in the shade and out of the limelight, in all the ways that count, she’s like human Kim.

“She’s devoted to her family and loves spending time with friends.”

Kim Kardashian ‘mostly’ plant-based

Last year, Kim revealed she is ‘mostly’ plant-based during a Twitter Q&A, after being asked whether she’d ever go vegan.

Since then, the 40-year-old has shared on Instagram how she has ‘officially converted three family members’ to a plant-based diet

She has also attributed the lifestyle to her slim physique. Early this year, Kim posted photos on Instagram revealing her slim figure, saying: “Plant-based does a body good.”

More recently, Kim has revealed she ‘tries to make her kids eat plant-based as much as possible’ during a cooking tutorial on YouTube. 

However, the celeb doesn’t want to be perceived as a ‘hypocrite’. Therefore, she doesn’t label herself vegan.

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