Katy Perry Celebrated Her First Mother’s Day By Baking Vegan Donuts

Earlier this year, the singer-songwriter told her 109 million Twitter followers she was '95 percent ready to be 100 percent vegan'


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Katy Perry Celebrated Her First Mother's Day By Baking Vegan Donuts 'The cleaner the food - the closer to God' - Media Credit: Instagram / Katy Perry

Katy Perry celebrated her first Mother’s Day as a parent by baking tiny vegan donuts. 

The singer-songwriter posted a video to her 118 million Instagram followers in creation with Bragg and Taste Made

Vegan donuts

“The cleaner the food – the closer to God,” the singer joked after using cashew milk instead of cow’s milk. 

While Perry, an investor in plant-based brand Impossible Foods, made the plant-based treats, she answered a series of questions.

When asked what food she would cook for a panel, the star said: “I like Impossible Meat meatloaf because I was raised on meatloaf.

“Now I can give myself an alternative that’s not, you know, as bad.”

The star has shown increased interest in plant-based eating over recent years

Is Katy Perry Vegan?

Earlier this year, Perry told her 109 million Twitter follower: “I’m about 95 percent ready to be 100 percent vegan…

“My dog Nugget has been joining me on this journey for the past four months. Pray for us ok.”

Moreover, the tweet stirred opinion with fans, with some praising Perry for the lifestyle change and others condemning the move.

One social media user wrote: “Dogs shouldn’t be vegan, so please continue providing their necessary requirements! Also, I mean being imperfectly vegan is fine like just do your best out there and don’t beat yourself up for any mistakes.”

Another user responded to the comment, stating: “Please stop spreading misinformation. Dogs absolutely can thrive and vastly improve their health on plant-based diets.

*According to animal rights charity PETA, with ‘the right planning and care’, dogs can be plant-based, adding that ‘it’s important to ensure that their nutritional requirements are met’.

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