Reading Time: < 1 minute 'I Love You Restaurant is a movement that is all about giving people what they deserve – healthy, vegan food for free' Credit: Stephen McCarthy/Web Summit via Sportsfile
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Jaden Smith is launching a vegan restaurant dedicated to feeding homeless people in Los Angeles.

The musician is the son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He launched his I Love You food truck back in 2019.

The pop-up provided free vegan meals to those living in Skid Row, which has one of the largest homeless populations in the US.

Jaden Smith vegan restaurant

Now, Smith will turn the concept into a physical store. However, details of the location and menu have yet to be announced. 

Speaking to Variety about the project, Smith says anyone can order food from the restaurant. But, customers not suffering from homelessness are required to ‘pay it forward’.

This is where customers purchase a meal for twice its original cost, to provide a free meal for somebody who can’t afford it.

“I Love You Restaurant is a movement that is all about giving people what they deserve – healthy, vegan food for free,” the star wrote on Instagram.

New Balance

Last year, Smith partnered with shoe giant New Balance to launch a pair of vegan sneakers.

According to a statement, the NB for Jaden Smith Vision Racer’ pushes the boundaries for sustainably-led footwear at New Balance’. It also merges ‘classic New Balance design with Jaden’s unique, bold, fashion-forward aesthetic’.

Moreover, the shoe comprises a vegan leather upper made from PU layered onto a thin polyester base. New Balance says the ‘thin polyester base in these synthetic leather upper pieces is 60 percent recycled polyester’.

“As an iconic change-maker, Jaden exemplifies the New Balance brand philosophy of fearless independence,” NB said.

“His convention-defying work in fashion and music, coupled with his dedication to philanthropy and environmental awareness, speak to larger global issues and how they impact his generation.”

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