Gordon Ramsay Admits He 'Actually Loves Vegan Food'

Gordon Ramsay Admits He ‘Actually Loves Vegan Food’

The Michelin-starred chef revealed the news while explaining a vegan challenge on 'Masterchef: Back to Win'


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Gordon Ramsay attends 2018 Fox Network Upfront at Wollman Rink, Central Park Gordon Ramsay has been critical of veganism in the past - Media Credit: Geisler-Fotopress GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo
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Gordon Ramsay, who has mocked vegans in the past, has admitted that he actually “loves” plant-based food.

The British TV personality and Michelin-starred chef revealed the news on the US series of Masterchef: Back to Win.

While explaining a vegan cooking challenge to the contestants (the show’s first-ever), Ramsay said: “It’s a secret that’s so big, I’m almost afraid to say it on national television.”

“After all these years, I can finally admit, that I actually love vegan food,” he continued, before stating that it has taken “20 years to get to this point.”

In the past, Ramsay has come across as firmly anti-vegan. Once he Tweeted: “I’m a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals.” (The animal rights organization shrugged off the gag, replying: “Oh dear, Gordon. We’ve heard that old line before.”)

Gordon Ramsay embraces vegan food

But bad jokes aside, Ramsay has displayed his appreciation for plant-based food on several occasions. 
In 2018, he added vegan pizza to the menu at his London restaurant Street Pizza. At the time, he Tweeted: “Going to give this vegan thing a try. Yes, guys, you heard that right.”

A number of Ramsay’s eateries now offer plant-based options. His Michelin-starred French-inspired fine dining restaurant, Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay, even offers a Prestige Vegan Menu.

The renowned chef also regularly posts cooking videos on social media, and last year he joked on TikTok that he was “turning vegan.” After he’d shown viewers how to cook a “juicy” aubergine steak, he added: “for lunch.”

In 2019, Ramsay appeared on The Late Late Show and told host James Corden that “veganism is on the rise.” He said: “We’ve got to adapt and we just have to eat a slice of humble pie.”

Regarding his comments on Masterchef: Back to Win, Ramsay told People: “Thanks to the kids, I’ve realized it’s ok to be vegan… sometimes!”

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