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Billie Eilish’s mom Maggie Baird is hosting her second virtual plant-based party. 

From April 16-18 participants are encouraged to post a photo of their plant-based meal on social media, using the hashtag #plantbasedparty. 

This can be food ordered from a restaurant or a dish cooked at home. 

Plant-based party

The party is being organized by Support + Feed – an initiative spearheaded by Baird to help people experiencing food insecurity, particularly in BIPOC and other communities.

Support + Feed’s second plant-based party is being sponsored by Kate Farms, Follow Your Heart, and ChowNow. 

For every hashtag, the brands will be will be giving up to $40,000. The money will help Support + Feed continue providing plant-based meals to people in need. This includes women’s shelters, senior centers, and people experiencing homelessness.

PBN recently interviewed Support + Feed’s founder Maggie Baird

Vegan meals for people in need

In a statement sent to PBN, Baird said: “We’re so excited to celebrate another #plantbasedparty with everyone! 

“This is a chance for us to show the world what a huge demand and support there is for plant-based foods.

“We’re so grateful to our sponsors who make it possible and, allow Support and Feed to provide so many plant-based meals for people in need!” 

Last year, Veggie Grill created the first-ever Plant-Based Party

Veggie Grill

Last year, Plant-Based Party was create by popular vegan food chain Veggie Grill.

Moreover, the company says it ‘saw the need to raise awareness of the importance of celebrating plant-based restaurants at the start of the pandemic’.

Veggie Grill co-founder TK Pillan also said: “We’re proud and love everything that the Plant-Based Party stands for. Our mission is to craft food everyone can enjoy and feels good about helping the planet.”

Learn more about Support + Feed here

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