Prague Gets ‘First Ever’ Vegan Butcher’s As Demand For Meat-Free Food Grows

There is a growing vegan population in the Czech Republic


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A platter of vegan meat, egg, and other plant-based offerings from a vegan butcher's in Prague The butcher's features a number of plant-based meats and other animal products - Media Credit: Instagram/Bezmasna

A vegan butcher’s shop recently opened in Prague, in what’s thought to be a first for the eastern European city.

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The shop is called Bezmasna, and it recently opened in the Letná district of the Czech capital. It provides plant-based versions of popular Czech foods, including chlebíček (Czech sandwiches), cold cuts, and meat loaf. It also has animal-free takes on classic items like steaks, sausages, eggs, burgers, pates, and more. The shop will provide a seasonal offering with a changing menu.

Bezmasna hopes to work with both vegan and non-vegan restaurants to increase their plant-based offerings, as well as offer catering for events.

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Veganism in the Czech Republic

Traditional Czech cuisine tends to be very meat-heavy, but there is a growing vegan population in the country. According to stats from 2020, the Czech Republic ranked as one of the most vegan-friendly places in Europe, due to its relatively high number of plant-based eateries compared to population size. It was placed third, just behind Portugal and Iceland.

A colorful image of Charles Bridge and architecture of the old town in Prague, Czech republic
Adobe Stock Prague is regarded as a vegan-friendly city

In a statement at the time, a spokesperson for the Česká veganská společnost (Czech vegan society) said: “As the survey indicates the [vegan] market situation has improved significantly in the past years. I dare say that to some extent we have caught up with countries from the west (UK, Germany, …).”

Prague, in particular, is regarded as a vegan-friendly city. There are a wide variety of completely plant-based eateries listed on the Happy Cow app, and it’s relatively easy to find plant-based options in the area.

The rising popularity of vegan butcher’s

Butcher’s that don’t sell meat are growing in popularity, particularly in Europe. Also last month, vegan brand Heura announced the launch of a pop-up butcher’s shop in a number of locations in France.

Like Bezmasna, the Heura butcher’s also sells meat-free versions of sausages, burgers, and other popular animal foods.

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