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Seaspiracy is urging world leaders to help save the oceans with the launch of a new international campaign. 

Filmmakers behind the Netflix sensation – Ali and Lucy Tabrizi – created an online petition after the film’s debut attracted global media coverage.

It calls for ‘no-catch zones’ to be installed in ‘at least’ 30 percent of waters around the UK and demands world leaders ‘protect more of our oceans’ from the fishing industry.

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered a staggering 732,395 signatures.

Seaspiracy campaign

Now, Seaspiracy says it wants to take things ‘one step further’ with a series of awareness-raising stunts.

The new ‘explosive’ campaign will see billboards pop-up ‘far and wide’ – starting with the UK.

Hard-hitting facts from the film, animations, and video messages from the public will also be projected onto world landmarks.

Seaspiracy has unveiled plans for a major campaign…


To fund the campaign, Seaspiracy has set up a Crowdfunder with an aim of raising more than £30,000.

“We know that when enough people understand the reality of what is happening to our oceans, change is inevitable,” Seaspiracy said.

“An incredible seachange of consumer behavior has already taken place after untold millions of people watched the groundbreaking Netflix Original Documentary, Seaspiracy. However, this campaign is taking the message one step further.

“This campaign is a demand to world leaders to do the right thing; a demand to become the stewards of the oceans they claim to be.

“This year, many governments have taken pledges to increase the number of MPA’s, yet the fine print of these promises reveal no mention of banning fishing operations from these areas of our seas. This is outrageous, and quite frankly, pathetic.”

Donate to the Crowdfunder here

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