Activists From 43 Countries Joined Together To Memorialize All Animals Exploited And Killed By Humans

Every year, Our Planet. Theirs Too. honors all animals with its National Animal Rights Day event


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protestors hold a banner saying the national animal rights day The annual National Animal Rights Day event took place in the summer - Media Credit: Our Planet. Theirs Too.

Our Planet. Theirs Too. has released a new video documenting its 12th National Animal Rights Day (NARD) event, which took place in June 2022.

Every year, the animal rights activist group, founded by Aylam Orian, hosts NARD on the first Sunday of June. The idea is to honor all of the animals who have been killed in the food industry, as well as other industries, like fashion, the wild animal trade, scientific research, and more.

Protestors stand silently while they hold posters of abused animals, and on some occasions, they hold real dead animals. 

This year’s event took place in 43 countries, including Canada, the US, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Nigeria, Norway, Iran, and Israel.

Our Planet. Theirs Too. posted a new video on social media of the events, with a thank you to everyone who has taken part.

“Thank you, beautiful and amazing souls from every corner of the globe, for joining forces on June 5,” it notes.

“With your heart, passion, and creativity, we WILL change the world, and bring forth the day when all animals are free,” it continues. “Absolutely free.”

Commemorating abused animals

Every year, billions of animals are exploited by humans. To name a few examples, they are experimented on for scientific research, killed for their skins, and slaughtered for food.

In the US, research suggests that 99 percent of farmed animals live in factory farm conditions.

But industrialized farming is prevalent around the globe. In the UK, a recent investigation noted that the country is home to more than 1,000 mega-farms, where thousands of animals are kept in intensive, industrialized conditions to maximize profit and turnover. Just one mega-farm can host more than 125,000 broiler birds.

Our Planet. Theirs Too. believes all animals that have been exploited by humans deserve a chance to be remembered, and its NARD serves as a memorial service for them. But it’s also about education. Most people don’t know what the conditions that produce their food are really like. 

In fact, in 2017, one survey found that 75 percent of American adults believe that their animal products come from places that treat animals “humanely.”

You can find out more about next year’s NARD, and other work from Our Planet. Theirs Too., here

This article was updated on October 24 to clarify that NARD is a day to honor all animals, not just victims of factory farming.

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