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Vegan Chickpea Tuna

Vegan “tuna” that taste like Tuna! One of the first recipes I got stuck into when I went vegan, I didn’t believe in it at first but when I made it and tried it I was blown away! I like to call it “chuna” because it is made using chickpeas which means it’s high in protein too!


1. Finley slice the red onion and capers.

    2. Using a fork or a food processor, blend or mash the chickpeas up until you get the desired consistency.

      3. Add all ingredients into the same bowl and mix.

        3. Add all ingredients into the same bowl and mix.


          Best served chilled on toast, in a sandwich, with salad or a jacket potato!

          Rachel Ama

          Rachel Ama is a vegan queen. A dancing, cooking, kick-boxing, power-house of vegan inspiration. She knows the London vegan scene inside-out but she also looks abroad for flavor inspiration, and to both her Caribbean and African roots. She decided to go vegan overnight to try to improve her digestion - since then, she watched several documentaries and made the switch for good! She launched her YouTube channel in 2017 and now has almost 300,000 subscribers.