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What do some of the world’s leading plant-based doctors eat for breakfast?

That’s the question tackled in this exclusive Plant Based News video, featuring top medical names including Dr. Cauldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Joel Kahn, and Dr. Celeste Palmer among others.

Among the vegan dishes cited by the experts are oatmeal, smoothies with fresh, seasonal produce, and scrambled tofu rolled up in a tortilla.

The doctors open up about their top eats

Vegan breakfast

“I think there has to be one best breakfast,” reveals Dr. Shireen Kassam, “which is oats. Whether they are cooked and hot, or overnight cold soaked oats, go for steel cut whole oats eaten with some sort of fruit like berries and additions like flax seeds or hemp. You can’t go wrong.”

“My favorite breakfast is a smoothie,” says Dr. Pamela Popper PhD. “It has almond milk, and vegetable powders, banana, frozen fruit, and ground flaxseeds, food grade green tea, and a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast. With that I have two pieces of Ezekial bread toast with fat-free hummus. It’s a lot of calories but it gets me through morning exercise and keeps my blood-glucose levels even for a real long time.”

“My favorite breakfast is tofu scramble,” says Dr. Ayesha Sherzai. “We eat a lot of tofu, which is an excellent plant-based protein. I make it very spicy – we cook it with onions and garlic, turmeric, paprika, coriander (cilantro), and cumin. We eat it as is, with baked potato sometimes, or we roll it up in a whole wheat tortilla as a tofu scramble burrito.”

You can watch the full video here

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