Over 70% Of Men Say They’d Rather Cut Their Life Expectancy Than Ditch Meat, Poll Finds

The survey also found that nearly half of participants see eating meat as a 'masculine undertaking'...


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Over 70% Of Men Say They'd Rather Cut Their Life Expectancy Than Ditch Meat, Poll Finds 'Three-quarters of men are not convinced of the health benefits of a meat-free diet' - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission.

More than 70 percent of men in Australia say they’d rather cut their life expectancy by up to 10 years than ditch meat

The data, commissioned by No Meat May, also found that 47 percent saw eating meat as a ‘masculine undertaking’. 

While 81 percent of participants said they care about the environment – a staggering 79 percent said they wouldn’t give up meat to help the planet. 

Men vs meat-free diets

Ryan Alexander is the co-founder of No Meat May. According to Men’s Health, he said: “Three-quarters of men [are] not convinced of the health benefits of a meat-free diet, despite the mounting evidence to the contrary.

“Significant research over many years has shown that eating meat and other animal products increases the risk of developing certain cancers, heart disease, obesity and having a reduced life expectancy.

“[It’s also]one of the biggest contributors to global warming and the destruction of our environment.”

Alexander then described the survey as ‘alarming’ – stating it shows ‘Australian men are either not aware of any of these facts, don’t believe them, or simply don’t care’. 

No Meat May

Last year, No Meat May saw a record number of sign-ups.

The campaign supports people as they sign a month-long meat-free pledge. It provides free advice as well resources on how to cook affordable, healthy plant-based meals, and dietary advice.

According to organizers, the effects of the campaign last well after the month is over, with 94 percent of past participants going on to reduce their meat consumption.

You can learn more about No Meat May here

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