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A nutritionist has slammed popular chat show This Morning for claiming horse milk has ‘endless’ health benefits. 

The show sent TV personality Josie Gibson to the first farm in the UK to produce ‘Mare’s Milk’ to learn how to milk a horse. 

Horse milk

Gibson then tasted the dairy product and said it possessed the sweetness of coconut milk. 

“Thanks to its endless list of health benefits, horse milk is seeing a huge surge in popularity,” said presenter Phillip Schofield.

However, the episode stirred controversy online – with many blasting the show for ‘exploiting animals’. 

Neil Billingham, news editor at ITV Border News. He wrote: “I work at ITV. I find this embarrassing and distasteful. [It’s] wrong on so many levels.”

‘Unnecessary for human health’

Rohini Bajekal, a Nutritionist and Head of Communications at Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, also criticized the show.

Speaking exclusively to PBN, she said: “Horse milk, along with cow’s milk or any other type of milk from another animal species is unnecessary for human health.

“The only mammals that benefit from mare’s milk are newborn foals. As with dairy farming, mare’s milk production involves cruel practices and is unsustainable for the planet. 

“There is no scientific evidence to support the health claims made in This Morning.”

Plant Based News has contacted This Morning for comment

Liam Giliver

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