Reading Time: < 1 minute Last year, PCRM filed the lawsuit, arguing California had 'neglected' to follow state law Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission
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A judge is ordering California to respond to a lawsuit that calls for processed meat to be added to the carcinogen list.

The Superior Court of California ruled the state must answer Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s request to adhere to Proposition 65.

Carcinogen list

The legislation requires the state to include cancer-causing processed meat on the state’s list of substances known to cause cancer.

This includes products such as hot dogs, bacon, and deli meat. Research shows eating 50 grams of processed meat daily increases the risk of several cancers and overall cancer mortality.

Mark Kennedy, Esq. is the Vice President of legal affairs for PCRM. He said: “We’ve spent years asking California to follow the law and add carcinogenic processed meat to the Proposition 65 list.

“Now, the state must stop stalling and allow this case, which could help protect Californians from certain cancers, to proceed.”

‘First-line defense’ against cancer

Last year, PCRM filed the lawsuit, arguing California had ‘neglected’ to follow state law.

Moreover, the court has reportedly rejected the state’s request for judgment in its favor.

Plaintiff and PCRM member Donald D. Forrester, MD. also said: “Tens of thousands of Californians are diagnosed or die from colorectal cancer every year.

“Adding processed meat to Proposition 65 would provide first-line defense against this deadly disease.”

Liam Giliver

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