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Vimto is receiving heavy criticism after announcing its iconic squash drinks are no longer suitable for vegans. 

The brand recently updated its website to inform customers that its soft drinks are now fortified with an animal-based vitamin D. This is most likely to come from lanolin, aka sheep’s wool.

Vitamin D

“All of our Vimto squash drinks are suitable for Vegetarians, due to the recent addition of Vitamin D they are not suitable for Vegans,” the brand wrote online. 

“However, all of our other Vimto drinks variants, including fizzy and still ready to drink ranges, do not contain any animal products and as such, are suitable for vegetarians and Vegans!”

Vimto no longer vegan

The announcement sparked fury online, with hundreds of vegans taking to Vimto’s Instagram to express their upset. 

Popular channel Vegan Food UK slammed the brand, stating: “Always disappointing to see a large and popular brand make their products go from Vegan to non-vegan.”

Another social media user added: “So disappointing and backward using animal products. 

“It’s 2021 for God’s sake. Why not choose a non-animal-based source of vitamin D?”

The brand has been inundated with complaints


Moreover, several vegans pledged to boycott the brand, and a slew of comments accused Vimto of ‘taking a step back’. 

One user asked: “Why make a wonderful product taste worse whilst alienating a large number of your audience?

“Please reconsider this decision. If it comes down to cost, I would rather pay slightly more for a vegan version. Presumably, it’s no longer Halal either.”

Plant Based News has contacted Vimto for comment 

Liam Giliver

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