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Vegan chicken sales are ‘to overtake’ real chicken as the most popular menu item at a popular UK food chain. 

Mexican eatery Barburrito has 14 sites across the UK and is also sold on Deliveroo, UberEATS, and JustEAT.

Vegan chicken sales

It serves both meat and ‘hyper-realistic’ vegan chicken from plant-based pioneer THIS.

According to the chain, THIS Isn’t Chicken has soared above Barburitto’s other meaty fillings such as chicken and chorizo, spicy shredded beef, and pulled pork. 

It is now on track to become this month’s most popular order.

Have you tried the THIS Isn’t Chicken burrito?

Lynsey Hutchinson is the Marketing Manager at Barburrito. In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “We want to give our customers as many menu choices as possible.

“It’s been fantastic to see THIS Isn’t Chicken become so popular. Whilst we know the plant-based filling has helped draw in a vegan fanbase, we’ve been surprised by how many meat-lovers have started mixing it up and giving plant-based a go.”

A ‘massive milsestone’

Andy Shovel, Co-Founder at THIS, described the news as an ‘absolutely massive milestone for THIS’.

He added: “The dream has always been to make products as good as (if not better than) the real deal. Overtaking real, clucking chicken as the main protein in one of the UK’s favorite Mexican eateries is major.”

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