‘World’s First’ Vegan Cheese-Filled Pretzel Nuggets Arrive At Whole Foods, And 7 Other Plant-Based Launches

From Canada to the UK to Singapore, here's the latest in the vegan food scene...


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'World’s First’ Vegan Cheese-Filled Pretzel Nuggets Arrive At Whole Foods, And 7 Other Plant-Based Launches Quinn's new 'one-of-a-kind' vegan snack is available at Whole Foods. - Media Credit: Quinn / Adobe. Do not use without permission.

From algae-based meat to dairy-free chocolate tins, vegan food launches are rolling out across the globe. Major companies like McDonald’s, Walmart, and Whole Foods are keen to keep up as consumers become more interested in animal-free food.

And so, here are the latest plant-based food launches.

North America

‘World’s first’ vegan cheese-filled pretzel nuggets arrive at Whole Foods

Quinn, a natural foods snack company, just announced the launch of the ‘world’s first’ vegan cheese-filled pretzel nuggets. 

The new snack is made from lentil flour and a blend of vegetables, including the ancient whole grain Sorghum. 

Further, the nuggets are free from corn, soy, dairy, gluten, and GMO ingredients. 

Kristy Lewis is the founder and CEO of Quinn. She said in a statement sent to Plant Based News: “This product has truly been a labor of love, and I am so proud of the entire Quinn team for the years of hard work put in to bring this one-of-a-kind and delicious snack to shelves.” 

The Plant-Based Cheezy Style Filled Nuggets will be available at Whole Foods Market.

Vegan Spicy Queso Blanco dip launches at Target and Sprouts

Vegan food brand Good Foods has introduced its latest product: Spicy Queso Blanco dip. 

The new dip is made from cauliflower, almonds, green chilies, and jalapeño peppers.

It joins Good Foods’ existing vegan dip range, which includes Queso, Buffalo, Tzatziki, Avocado Pesto, and Cilantro. 

Mandy Bottomlee, Director of Content Marketing for Good Foods, said the company chose the new flavor based on sales analysis and market research. The team felt that the new dip would ‘resonate with both shoppers and their taste buds’, she said. 

Available in 8oz or 12oz sizes, the Spicy Queso Blanco can be found at Target and Sprouts stores across the US.

Tofurky to launch algae-based meat

Plant-based food brand Tofurky has joined forces with Triton Algae Innovations to develop algae-based meat. 

Tofurky has typically used soy and wheat to craft its meat-free products. But the company’s President and CEO Jaime Athos became interested in new microbial ingredients, FoodNavigator-USA reports.

“Some of these new technologies are exciting; there are some really cool mycelium types of technologies that are emerging right now, and algae based technologies that would also fit within Tofurky’s natural brand positioning,” Athos said to the publication.

Triton has three product streams that could be used: Essential Green, Essential Yellow, and Essential Red. The latter contains 40 to 50 percent protein, as well as calcium, potassium, and omega-3s

The new line is a secret for now, Athos said, but will be jointly marketed under both Tofurky and Triton. He noted: “While we can’t share what it is yet, the result will entail products that resonate with our core audience, and also be attractive to the rapidly growing segment of new flexitarians increasingly drawn to plant-based foods.”

Vegan snack brand Noble Jerky launches at Walmart Canada

Noble Jerky once offered meat products, but is now fully vegan. Credit: Noble Jerky

Noble Jerky – a former meat company that went completely vegan – has announced that its protein snacks have reached Walmart Canada stores nationwide. 

Noble crafts its jerky out of non-GMO ingredients like soy, black bean sauce, garlic, and cane sugar. Each serving offers 14g of protein.

Jordan Urbani, Co-Founder of Noble, said the launch brought on ‘an enormous sense of pride’. 

Urbani said in a press release: “Our brand’s core mission is to help our local and global communities live better and healthier lives – today marks a very special day as we introduce our products in one of the most prominent grocery chain stores in our country and for the benefit of our fellow Canadians, in our commitment to making vegan accessible and effortless to everyone.”

United Kingdom

McDonald’s UK debuts vegan McPlant burger at Coventry

McDonald’s UK has stepped up its meat-free offerings. The popular fast food chain just introduced its new McPlant burger

The burger features a Beyond Meat patty, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, vegan burger sauce, dairy-free cheese, ketchup, and mustard – all sandwiched between a vegan-friendly bun.

It’s priced at £3.49, the same as a Big Mac. McDonald’s assures that the burger will be cooked separately from conventional meat. Staff will also use dedicated utensils and trays so as to avoid cross contamination. 

At the moment, the McPlant is available in seven restaurants in Coventry and three in Nuneaton. From October 13, the burger will be rolled out to more than 250 restaurants. And from January, it will be brought out nationwide. 

Whitakers Chocolates launches UK’s first vegan chocolate selection tin

Whitakers Chocolates, a 132-year-old confectionary company, has debuted an all-vegan chocolate selection tin. The product is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK. 

It contains an assortment of dairy-free milk and dark chocolates, as well as toffee. 

William Whitaker, Managing Director of the company, said in a statement: “It was a bold move to be the first chocolatier to create and invest in making such a product, however, we felt with our diverse product range and customer base, we just had to do it.”

“It has been such an exciting and fun product to develop and we now hope we get the support of the vegan community behind it,” Whitaker added.

The new product will be available from mid-October.

Jude’s debuts its first vegan chocolate shake

Jude’s says half of its range will be plant-based by 2023. Credit: Jude’s

Jude’s, Britain’s first carbon negative ice cream company, has debuted its first vegan shake. The launch is part of Jude’s efforts to grow its plant-based range. 

The chocolate shake contains a cocoa and coconut blend which, according to Jude’s Managing Director (and son) Chow Mezger, results in a ‘smooth, chocolatey, and delicious’ shake. 

In a press release, he elaborated: “[The new shake] is aligned with our commitment that 50 percent of our range will be plant-based by 2023.”

“As Jude’s removes 10 percent more CO2 from the atmosphere than is emitted through its supply chain, this new shake is also Carbon Negative. The shake is a perfect ‘on the go’ treat with a 100 percent recyclable can,” Mezger said.

The new dairy-free chocolate shake is available now in Sainsbury’s.


First Pride launches vegan bites, nuggets, and strips in Singapore

Plant-based meat company First Pride has introduced its first vegan protein range in Singapore. 

Called the Green Series, the range includes meat-free bites, spicy nuggets, and strips. The company creates the vegan snacks out of a blend of wheat, soy, and bamboo fiber. The end result boasts a juicy interior with a ‘satisfying crunch’ on the outside, First Pride said in a press release.

The items are halal-certified, protein-rich, and contain no flavor enhancers, trans fats, or added MSG.

First Pride’s Green Series line is available now in Fairprice. It will also roll out to Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, and Redmart shortly.

7-Eleven Singapore launches 6 ready meals with Impossible Beef

7-Eleven has boosted its meat-free food options at more than 350 locations in Singapore. The chain has welcomed six new ready meals featuring Impossible Foods’ plant-based beef.

The halal-certified options include the Spicy Pineapple Burger, Rendang Onigiri, Spicy Wrap, Meatball and Mash, and Shepherd’s Pie. The sixth option, the Impossible Minced Meat Noodles, is inspired by the Singaporean noodle dish Bak Chor Mee. 

Some of the items contain dairy, making them unsuitable for vegans. Plant Based News has reached out to 7-Eleven Singapore to clarify if any of the new products are vegan-friendly.

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