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A second-grade student is developing a meat-free lunch menu to slash her school’s carbon footprint

Lila Miller, who’s been a vegetarian for more than a year, attends Rolan Park K-8 in Tampa, Florida. 

After meeting with a nutritionist to check the plant-heavy menu, the school has agreed to bring back its Meatless Mondays initiative this fall.

‘I don’t want to hurt the animals’

According to ABC Action NewsMiller said: “If the world gets too hot, we won’t be able to exist on Planet Earth…

She then added: “I don’t want to hurt the animals.”

Meat-free lunch menu

In the UK, a six-year-old student has also urged his school to help the environment by reducing its meat intake. 

Bruno Serrano, from Canterbury, England, was inspired to help the environment after watching David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet

Serrano has written to Kent County Council, and Attenborough himself, proposing schools introduce a weekly meat-free day.

Speaking to KentOnline, Serrano’s mother Ruth Linklater says: “Bruno’s school is very positive and supportive about [his] letter.

“He started doing the maths of how many schools there might be in Kent, and how many people might get involved with this, and asked me to help spread it as far as possible.”

Linklater added that while her son eats meat – he is ‘most definitely’ up for reducing the amounts he consumes. 

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