Fast Food Chain Offers ‘World’s First’ £1.99 Vegan Burger To Make Plant-Based Eating More Accessible

Ready Burger is working to craft the 'world's most' affordable and accessible vegan menu


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Fast Food Chain Offers ‘World’s First’ £1.99 Vegan Burger To Make Plant-Based Eating More Accessible Ready Burger says its vegan food is affordable and sustainable. - Media Credit: Ready Burger

A completely vegan fast food chain called Ready Burger is helping to usher in a new era – one where plant-based food is affordable and accessible, but doesn’t compromise on flavor.

It’s what motivated the company to launch what it says is the ‘most affordable vegan burger on the planet’.

The fast food joint’s meat-free burger costs just £1.99. The patty – made from oyster mushrooms, oat fiber, and soy protein – is served with ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onion on a vegan bun. It’s a source of vitamin B12, protein, and fiber. 

“We all know we need to eat less meat but plant-based eating is still too expensive. That’s the biggest barrier to adoption,” Ready Burger Co-founder and CEO Max Miller said in a statement. 

“So, we developed and launched a menu and business in less than a year  to deliver affordable and tasty vegan fast food classics. Our £1.99 signature Ready Burger was a major goal for us to realise and we have plans to reduce prices further with more world firsts as we achieve economies of scale.”

Vegan McDonald’s 

Ready Burger debuted the plant-based option in May, when it opened its flagship store in London’s Crouch End. Since then, the chain has opened up a second location, on Finchley Road. 

“Following the launch of our first Ready Burger store in May 2021, we set out to create the world’s most affordable and most accessible plant-based menu,” Miller told Plant Based News

“We believe we are the first in the world to produce a £1.99 vegan burger, not to mention a £3.59 Big Ready – indexed against the infamous Big Mac,” he added. The Big Ready comes with two patties, Ready sauce, dairy-free cheese, pickles, lettuce, and diced onion, sandwiched between a seeded double-cut bun.

The chain’s menu also features the Chicken Challenger, the Texas Stacker, and the Bacon Double Cheeseburger, as well as crispy chicken fillets and fries. 

The eatery has proven popular so far. Since its inception less than six months ago, Ready Burger has already sold more than 120,000 vegan menu items.

Each customer is helping to ‘support change’, says the company in a press release, adding that its plant-based food is far more sustainable than meat-based options. In fact, Ready Burger’s vegan beef requires 70 percent less water and 93 percent less land to produce than animal-derived beef. It also generates 92 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions

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