Reading Time: 2 minutes 'We've had thousands of customers show us their carbonaras or salads, containing chopped-up rashers' Credit: THIS
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Plant-based pioneer THIS is launching a new range of ‘groundbreaking’ products in time for Summer, including vegan bacon lardons.

The brand propelled into the vegan meat scene back in 2019, debuting its flagship products that ‘look and taste just like meat’ in a host of UK retailers.

It says its ‘hyper-realistic vegan bacon has ‘exploded in popularity’ over the last year – with fans claiming it’s ‘just like the real thing’. 

The new THIS lardons are perfect for a plant-based carbonara dish

Bacon Lardons & Cocktail Sausages

Now, THIS is adding Bacon Lardons to its meatless offerings – which launched in major UK supermarket Tesco last month, and is launching in Sainsbury’s next week.

The lardons retail at £2.95. They’re said to be ‘mini bites of smokey, crispy, sizzling plant-based bacon that look, taste, and cook like real meat-based lardons, and are perfect for a carbonara’.

Moreover, THIS will debut its vegan chicken skewers in Tesco next month.

The sticky product comes in two flavors: BBQ and Lemon & Herb, and will retail at £3.50. THIS says it is the first plant-based skewers to launch in the UK.

Lastly, the company will release its ‘succulent’ meat-free cocktail sausages in Sainsbury’s next week . The ready-to-eat product will retail at an RRP of £2.75. 

THIS ISN’T BACON ‘has been a huge hit’

Andy Shovel is the co-founder of THIS. In a statement sent to PBN, he said: “THIS ISN’T BACON has been a huge hit for our brand. We’ve had thousands of customers show us their carbonaras or salads, containing chopped-up rashers.

“It made perfect sense to create a lardon variety, with a fattier and more intense flavor – to make sure they really sing when scattered into or onto a dish.”

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