Pizza Hut UK Unveils 3 New Vegan Beyond Meat Toppings

One of the UK's largest fast food chains has added vegan Beyond Meat toppings to its menu permanently


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Vegan Beyond Meat on a Vegetarian Pizza Pizza Hut UK just added vegan Beyond Meat toppings to its menu - Media Credit:

Pizza Hut UK has launched vegan Beyond Meat toppings at its Delivery Hut locations nationwide. The pizza chain said that it is ‘responding directly to feedback from customers’ by introducing the new meat-free items.

The new toppings include Beyond Meat’s Italian Style Sausage, Pork Crumbles, and Beef Crumbles. Beyond Meat crafted the vegan meat so that it closely mimics Pizza Hut’s animal-based versions.

In a press release, Pizza Hut said the vegan toppings can be enjoyed ‘without any compromise on taste’.

The chain has incorporated the ingredients into three new pizzas and a side, which are now available for collection or delivery ‘on a permanent basis’.

The new menu items are made with dairy cheese. Pizza Hut does offer vegan cheese, but the chain has not announced whether the pizzas will be customizable.

The UK launch is part of Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat’s global strategic partnership. Pizza Hut teamed up with the brand, in part, for its appeal to a younger customer base.

Since then, the two companies have made joint announcements in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Belgium.

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‘The UK loves Beyond Meat pizzas’

Pizza Hut UK tested out Beyond Meat products in some of its restaurants last year.

Amelia Riba is the Chief Brand Officer at Pizza Hut.

She said: “Last year we were the first pizza chain to bring Beyond Meat toppings to the UK, and we’re delighted to introduce them across the country this year.”

“We are proud to always bring delicious new innovations right to our customers, and by partnering with Beyond Meat we are offering more flexitarian and meat-free options without sacrificing any flavour. With this delicious new range on our permanent menu from today, we are responding directly to feedback from customers – the UK loves Beyond Meat pizzas!”

Beyond Meat’s Chief Growth Officer, Deanna Jurgens, said the new options are a way for people to enjoy the flavors they love whilst doing their bit for the planet.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Pizza Hut to increase accessibility to plant-based meat options and bring delicious Beyond Meat toppings to consumers across the UK,” Jurgens said.

We know meat-eaters and vegetarians alike are increasingly looking for more plant-based options, and we want to enable them to continue to Eat What They Love, like delicious pizzas, without compromising on taste, a balanced lifestyle or the environment.”

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