For The First Time Ever, Pizza Hut UK Offers Vegan Cheese For Delivery

Pizza Hut's restaurants have offered vegan cheese for some time, now its delivery locations have caught up


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Pizza Hut Delivery storefront Pizza Hut Delivery already offers several vegetarian pizzas with Beyond Meat - Media Credit: Chris Rout / Alamy Stock Photo

It’s official, Pizza Hut Delivery has finally added vegan cheese to the menu.

Back in 2017, Pizza Hut became one of the first fast-food chains in the UK to launch dairy-free cheese. But there was a catch: it was only available from its restaurants, not its delivery locations.

According to the chain’s website, there were concerns over cross-contamination due to the smaller size of its delivery kitchens.

But now it appears to have done a u-turn on that decision. 

The popular company—which started in Kansas in the 1950s but has now grown into one of the world’s largest pizza chains—is offering Violife vegan cheese in all of its UK locations, both dine-in and delivery. 

This means that customers can enjoy the chain’s Beyond Meat pizzas with vegan cheese too. (Previously, they were only available with dairy or without cheese from delivery locations.)

These include the Beyond Italian Style Sausage Supreme, the Beyond Three Meat – which features Beyond Meat’s Italian Style Sausage, Pork Crumble, and Beef Crumble – and the Beyond Beef Sizzler, which comes topped with jalapeños and green chilies.

Brits want more animal-free choices

The vegetarian options are popular with consumers. In fact, since 2019, the chain has seen a 19 percent increase in people choosing meatless pizzas. This reflects a wider shift in the UK.

A YouGov survey from May found that more than a quarter of Brits are thinking about reducing their meat intake. Most are motivated by environmental reasons. (Animal agriculture contributes 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.)

Now, the pizza chain’s delivery customers can follow that up with a move away from dairy too.

Violife’s head of UK & Ireland Victoria Slater said in a statement that the brand, which is based in Greece, is “delighted” to offer its vegan cheese in all Pizza Hut Delivery locations.

She added: “The partnership gives everyone who enjoys the taste of Pizza Hut the opportunity to have a positive impact on the planet by just simply switching out their dairy cheese.”

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