Oatly Unveils ‘First Of Its Kind’ XL Cartons For Barista Milk

The Swedish oat milk brand is expanding its range to better compete with dairy


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Three cartons of Oatly oat milk. next to each other Oatly is a hugely popular milk alternative brand - Media Credit: Maddie Red Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

Oatly has released extra large 1.5 liter cartons of its popular Barista oat milk in the UK, in what’s thought to be a first of its kind in the UK. 

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The Barista drink, which comes in a signature gray, white, and black packaging, is one of Oatly’s best-selling items. The launch follows demand from coffee shops for larger volume packs of the carton. The recipe is the same as the smaller packs – a blend of oats, water, rapeseed oil, and salt, as well as vitamins and minerals like calcium, riboflavin, vitamins B12 and D.

“To achieve our mission to be wherever dairy is, we need to make best-in-class products that make the default to cow’s milk defunct,” said Bryan Carroll, General Manager of Oatly UK & Ireland, in a statement. “As part of that work, we continue to extend the formats available of the UK’s best-selling plant-based drink so we can best meet the needs of consumers and our coffee partners alike.”

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A barista making a latte in a coffee shop
Adobe Stock Oatly Barista is a popular choice in coffee shops

The new oat milks will be available to buy at Amazon and some major food service wholesalers from July. 

The rise of Oatly

Established in 1994, Oatly is a hugely popular Swedish food company specializing in dairy alternatives. It’s best known for its oat-based drinks that are used in place of cow’s milk. 

As well as being sold in supermarkets around the world, Oatly is also regularly used in coffee shops, including at Starbucks. 

The company is vocal in its commitment to sustainability. Oat milk is considerably better for the planet than dairy, and Oatly has previously stated its mission is to “remove the burden milk has on the planet in the next 10 years.”

“The reckless pursuit of profits without any consideration for the well-being of the planet and the humans that live here should be considered a crime,” Oatly states on its website. “Companies have as much responsibility as politicians do for building a society that every one of us living in this world can admire.”

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