Amid Inflation, Oat Milk Costs Less Than Whole Milk In Germany

Across Europe, plant-based options are proving cheaper than animal products


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A child smiling and drinking milk with salad and fruit on the table Plant-based milk options are becoming more affordable - Media Credit: Alex Green | Pexels

For the first time ever, oat milk was cheaper than whole milk in Germany last month.

In July, German news publication Focus reported that dairy milk prices were rocketing, reaching “historic highs” in supermarkets. Even retailers known for their low prices, like Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, had increased cow’s milk prices, it reported.

Focus added that most milk prices had exceeded one Euro, and when compared with December 2021, prices for whole milk (also known as full-fat milk) had risen by 29 cents per liter. 

This meant that for the first time ever, both oat and almond milk prices were cheaper than whole milk. 

Vegan options more affordable across Europe

Across Europe, inflation is rising in many industries, including food, energy, and transportation. This is intensifying the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Increasingly, consumers are looking for more cost-effective ways to shop, and for many, this means cutting down on animal products.

In the Netherlands, plant-based meat now costs less than animal meat. In a recent study, ProVeg International compared the prices of 36 products in June.

It found that while plant-based burgers used to be more costly than meat, they were 78 cents cheaper per kilo in June. Vegan chicken pieces were 37 cents cheaper than their animal-derived counterparts, and plant-based mince was €1.36 less per kilo.

According to Pablo Moleman of ProVeg Netherlands, meat requires more resources to produce, and that’s why prices are rising.

He said: “Meat has always been a product that requires an enormous amount of raw materials. To make one kilogram of meat, you need up to ten kilograms of grain. Now, in times of scarcity, that takes its toll.”

In the UK, research published in June found that one-third of shoppers were ditching meat products, or reducing them, in order to cut down costs. 

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