New App Aims To Make Veganism ‘More Accessible Than Ever’ For Diners

The app will allow foodies to discover the best vegan-friendly restaurants around them with the touch of a button


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Dining out has just become easier for the vegan community, vegetarians and meat reducers across the UK.

Non-profit organisation Vegan-Friendly has launched a new vegan app to help people all over the UK find the best vegan-friendly restaurants around them. The majority of which have been officially certified as Vegan-Friendly by the organisation.

‘Appy’ Dining

There are both fully vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants featured on the app. 

To be certified, restaurants have to meet a strict criteria i.e. have vegan options in every category on the menu. Vegan-Friendly has also ensured that the atmosphere and experience offered by all eateries featured are suitable for vegans. 

For each restaurant, the app displays the location and directions and the vegan options available. It also displays customer reviews, meal photos and labels which restaurants have GF-Vegan options.

Restaurants also have a link that directs to their Deliveroo, UberEats or Just Eat, if they have one.

Additionally, the app provides redeemable discounts and benefits to all users, provided by dozens of UK restaurants and chains.

Making veganism accessible  

Vegan Friendly, the international non-profit organization behind the app, promotes veganism and aims to make it more accessible, in order to end animal suffering and global warming. 

It says its new app has been curated to make veganism ‘more accessible than ever’. 

Noga Bronsky, Vegan Friendly UK’s Manager, said the app ‘will change the way vegans eat out in the UK’. She added:  “By featuring Vegan Friendly certified restaurants, we ensure customers won’t  be limited to just chips and a salad but a variety of delicious vegan dishes to choose from. 

“We believe our app will make people realize how easy it is to be vegan today, with thousands of restaurants offering a variety of delicious Vegan Friendly options.”

Veganism UK growth

With a 40 percent increase in vegans in Britain as of 2020, and more than 12 million UK consumers aiming to eat a plant-based diet in 2021, the market for veganism is bigger than ever before.

Vegan-Friendly says it wants to help in making this transition ‘as easy as possible for everyone’ and to ‘make eating vegan-friendly seamless and fun’. 

The app is free and available to download on mobile now via the App Store and Google Play

Learn more about Vegan Friendly here 

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