Reading Time: < 1 minute Last year, Neat Burger was crowned ‘Best Vegan Restaurant Of The Year’ at the Deliveroo Restaurant Awards Credit: Jen Ross
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Vegan food chain Neat Burger, which is backed by F1 champ Lewis Hamilton, is planning to ‘rapidly’ expand its business. 

London-based Neat Burger currently has three locations and recently announced an upcoming store in Canary Wharf.

However, it revealed to a newspaper it plans to launch seven outlets across the capital by the end of 2021. The company also hinted that a ‘more substantial UK launch’ is reportedly in the works. 

‘A high demand’ for plant-based

Zack Bish is the director of Neat Burger. He told the Evening Standard: “A few years ago, most people wouldn’t have been that into the idea of a plant-based burger restaurant, and restaurants had one option on the menu to cater for the vegetarians.

“The fact that there is now such a high demand for a totally plant-based offering is really encouraging and exciting. 

“Even meat-eaters are going out of their way to choose plant-based options as the awareness of the effect it has on the world grows and grows.”

Bish added that although many companies are ‘nervous about a post-COVID world’ – he’s excited ‘about eating together again’.

Neat Burger award

Last year, Neat Burger was crowned ‘Best Vegan Restaurant Of The Year’ at the Deliveroo Restaurant Awards.

Moreover, the brand said: “We’re absolutely delighted and want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you Game Changer’s who voted for Neat Burger as part of the Deliveroo Awards.”

It then added: “Your interest in reversing the effects of climate change has been recognized. We think you’re pretty awesome! Here’s to many more burgers and a greener future!”

Hamilton partnered with hospitality organization The Cream Group and investors such as UNICEF Ambassador and Tommaso Chiabra to create Neat Burger in 2019

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