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Food giant Heinz is partnering with an award-winning eatery to launch a vegan doner bap in the UK.

The company has teamed up with cult-favorite What the Pitta! to launch the Doner Bap Special.

Vegan doner bap

It features Heinz’s vegan mayonnaise, vegan cheese, fresh salad, and What the Pitta!’s signature doner meat.

The meat-free dish is available for two-months and debuts this week at What the Pitta! locations in Manchester, Brighton, and Camden, London*.

Heinz X What the Pitta!

Claire Traynor is the Head of Foodservice at Kraft Heinz. In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “We’re excited to partner with What the Pitta! – a well-loved and truly exciting innovator when it comes to all things vegan. 

“We know that more and more people are choosing to follow a plant-based diet, with veganism and flexitarianism continuing steadily on the rise. 

“This brings a fresh opportunity for operators to satisfy this emerging consumer need with vegan menu options that don’t compromise on taste.”

Traynor also said that Heinz ‘recognizes the importance of offering our customers a plant-based mayo alternative’ which it says ‘tastes delicious’.

She then concluded: “The Doner Bap Special created in partnership with What the Pitta! demonstrates how simple it is to adapt menus to be vegan-friendly using Heinz [Seriously] Good Vegan Mayo.”

“Heinz is a well-loved brand and it’s great to see it embracing the plant-based movement but also supporting small businesses.”

Cem Yildiz, Co-Founder of What the Pitta!

Moreover, Cem Yildiz, co-founder of What the Pitta, added: “We’re really looking forward to this collaboration.

“Heinz is a well-loved household brand and it’s great to see it embracing the plant-based movement but also supporting small businesses. 

“Its vegan mayo has already been really well received by the vegan community through their launch into retail and we’re excited to build on that.”

*Due to COVID-19, the Doner Bap Special is available on Deliveroo from What the Pitta! sites currently open for takeaway

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