You Can Now Buy ‘Tearless Onions’ In Australia

Happy Chop's Tearless Onions are back in stores


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Photo shows a man in swmming goggles about to cut into a white onion with a scalpel There's no more need for goggles with "tearless" onions - Media Credit: Adobe Stock

Happy Chop Tearless Onions have landed back in Woolworths stores in Australia.

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Woolworths initially trialed Happy Chop’s onions in New South Wales and Victoria last year, where they proved popular. As of May 2024, they are also available in Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

“Tearless Onions were trending last year and we are excited to bring this incredible variety to even more of our customers,” said Woolworths’ General Manager for Fruit and Veg, Paul Turner. “For people who typically shed a tear or two when cutting onions, it’s really been a game changer for meal prep.”

Onions are root vegetables that usually release enzymes and sulfenic acid when their outer skin is broken as a defense mechanism. These two compounds combine to make an irritating gas, which typically causes reflex tears and a runny nose.

According to Woolworths, Happy Chop developed its Tearless Onions exclusively using natural methods. Existing onion varieties were cross-bred over decades to produce a sweet, mild-tasting onion that does not cause eye irritation during preparation.

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Tearless Onions are both milder and sweeter than traditional varieties

A packet of Happy Chop Tearless Onions that don't make you cry
Woolworths/Happy Chop The onions are available to buy in Woolworths now

Happy Chop is not the only company to introduce tear-free onions. US brand Sunions also says that its product comes after decades of farming, research, and development, which resulted in a similarly sweet, mild, and tear-free onion.

According to the producers of Sunions, where traditional varieties become more pungent the longer they are stored, Sunions become milder and sweeter over time.

Customers have also noted that both varieties are best enjoyed in salsas and sandwiches, rather than in dishes like curries which require a stronger flavor. “With a little bit of a sweeter taste, they can be enjoyed raw in a salad or cooked in a casserole or soup,” confirms Turner.

Sunions are available at Aldi, Meijer, Sprouts, and Whole Foods in the US, and at Waitrose in the UK, while Happy Chop is currently only available in Australia.

Happy Chop grows its Tearless Onions exclusively for Woolworths. They are available in 500g packs for AUD $2.50 each, and will be available while stocks last until October 2024.

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