Domino’s Just Launched An Entire Range Of Impossible Beef Pizzas In Australia

Domino's has said that it's targeting "flexitarians" with the new range


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three Domino's pizzas made from Impossible beef Domino's partnered with Impossible Foods following a surge in demand for meat-free options - Media Credit: Domino's Australia

Domino’s Australia has teamed up with plant-based meat brand Impossible Foods to offer a new range of (mostly) vegetarian pizzas.

The pizzas, which include the Impossible Supreme, the Impossible Godfather, and the Impossible Firebreather, all feature meat-free Impossible Beef.

While the meat iself is totally plant-based, the pizzas, which are topped with dairy cheese, are not suitable for vegans. Some (the Impossible Hamburger and the Impossible Cheeseburger) are not suitable for vegetarians either. This is due to the inclusion of American burger cheese.

According to Domino’s chief marketing officer Adam Ballesty, the Impossible pizza range was created for flexitarians (aka people looking to reduce their meat consumption some of the time).

Flexitarianism is reportedly taking off in Australia. Sales of vegan food in supermarkets has risen by 50 percent in the last few years. Most of that growth is attributed to meat-reducers, instead of vegans. 

According to research conducted by Woolworths, 62 percent of its customers purchase animal-free products sometimes.

Pizza for environmentally conscious flexitarians

The flexitarian shift is also reflected in the fast food industry. Just recently, McDonald’s started trialing the McPlant. The burger features a plant-based patty, but the menu option isn’t vegan (due to the mayonnaise and cheese).

“We know that people are actively seeking more sustainable food options,” said Ballesty in a statement.

He later added that whether customers were looking to “reduce” meat consumption or “mix up the menu with flexitarian choices,” the new pizzas “provide a meaningful option without compromising on taste.”

Most people reduce their meat intake for the planet. And according to Impossible Foods, its plant-based beef offers a sustainable alternative to its animal-derived counterpart, as its production emits 88 percent fewer greenhouse gasses.

Domino’s is also working with global media agency Wavemaker to reduce the carbon footprint of its campaign for the Impossible pizza range. 

Ballesty noted that the move was “a small step in a larger sustainability journey.”

Check out the new range of Domino’s Impossible pizzas here.

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