Califia Farms Launches ‘Complete’ Kid-Friendly Vegan Milk

Califia Farms is expanding its dairy-free range


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Three bottles of Califia Farms Kids Complete plant-based milk in front of a blue background Califia Farms has launched a new child-friendly plant milk - Media Credit: Califia Farms/Adobe Stock

Dairy-free brand Califia Farms has unveiled “Complete Kids,” a nutritious dairy-free milk for children.

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The product is made with a blend of peas, chickpeas, and fava beans. It features 8g of protein, alongside Omega-3, calcium, choline, and prebiotics. It’s free from all major allergens, and is said to be “nutritionally comparable” to cow’s milk, without the harmful health impacts that dairy has been linked to. It also contains 50 percent less sugar than traditional fluid milk. 

It’s said to have a smooth and creamy flavor, and the milk can be drunk as is, poured onto cereal, put into smoothies, and more. It’s available to buy now online and in grocery stores.

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Growing demand for dairy-free products

Three bottles of Califia Farms Kids Complete plant-based milk in front of a blue background
Califia Farms The new milk is available to buy now

Califia Farms is an LA-based company that was set up in 2010. It specializes in dairy-free milk alternatives, and offers milks, creamers, and cold brew coffees and teas. 

The company was founded by the late Greg Steltenpohl, an entrepreneur also known for co-founding the juice company Odwalla, in response to rapidly growing demand for dairy-free milk

In the US, the dairy-free milk market generates around three billion dollars in revenue each year. While the media often focuses on struggles within the alternative meat market in its vegan coverage, the alternative dairy market has been skyrocketing

Soy, oat, and almond are the most popular plant milks, but others including coconut, cashew, and even potato are available as well. 

The new “Complete Kids” Califia Farms offering adds to the relatively smaller pea milk category. Peas are growing in popularity in the alt dairy scene, and are increasingly being utilized by vegan cheese companies. 

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