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Fast-food chain Burger King is reportedly launching a new vegan Chicken Royale Burger. 

Images sent to Vegan Food UK show the new meat-free dish, which hasn’t officially launched in the UK yet.

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Vegan Chicken Royale Burger

It wrote: “The new burger hasn’t officially launched yet, but this is what it looks like in advance…

“We believe the new plant-based Chicken Royale is coming soon!”

Group member Chelsey Geary, who’s tried the burger, added: “It’s so delicious and tastes so similar, it’s scary!”

‘We believe the new burger is coming soon’

Burger King plant-based

Last month, Burger King’s CEO Alasdair Murdoch states meat-free nuggets are also ‘in the pipeline’.

In an interview with i, he said: “When we bring in a plant-based product… There’s probably an equal and opposite reaction where we are taking something else off.

“Are there going to be fewer meat products? Ultimately, you would say yes.”

Murdoch also predicted that ‘within a decade’ half of the UK chain’s menu could be plant-based. And, that the amount of beef chain sells ‘as a proportion of our total sales is reducing’.

*It is not confirmed whether the Chicken Royale burger will be cooked on the same surface as its meat counterparts

Plant Based News has contacted Burger King for comment

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