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Supermarket giant Aldi is rivaling Nando’s and KFC with the launch of its new plant-based BBQ range.

The affordable retailer’s latest meat-free line includes peri peri butterfly chicken, burgers, and hot dogs. Prices range from £1.69-£1.99.

Aldi’s plant-based BBQ range

Julie Ashfield is the Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK. She said: “With the huge popularity of our Veganuary offering and the extension of our range over the past six months, launching more vegan products just made sense… It’s an area we expect will continue to grow.

“We’ve just launched our Ashfield Grill BBQ range in time for more outdoor dining. We want to make sure those following a vegan diet, as well as those choosing a more flexible approach to meat consumption, have a wide range of high-quality options at great prices too.”

How to BBQ for vegans

The launch shortly follows research conducted by Aldi that found a staggering 47 percent of Brits don’t know how to cater for vegans at BBQs.

The supermarket partnered with celebrity chef Judy Joo to provide tips on how to cook plant-based food for guests.

She recommends cleaning the grill with a half-cut onion to avoid cross-contamination, basting vegan meats to retain moisture and add flavor, and encourages cooks to ‘be adventurous’.

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