Louis Vuitton Launches Sustainable Vegan Sneakers Made From Corn

The luxury fashion brand is the latest to use plant-based materials in place of leather


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Louis Vuitton vegan sustainable sneaker The shoes feature 90 percent recycled and bio-sourced materials. - Media Credit:

Louis Vuitton has stepped into the sustainable vegan footwear scene, with the launch of its new Charlie sneakers made with corn.

The luxury fashion brand crafted the sneakers with sustainability in mind. 

The company used 90 percent recycled and bio-sourced materials in the design. For instance, a corn-based plastic called Biopolioli is used in the uppers of the shoes.

The laces are fashioned with 100 percent recycled fibers, while the soles are made of at least 94 percent recycled rubber. 

Further, the tongue patch features Econyl, a renewable nylon fabric. Even the sneakers’ box is completely recycled cardboard, and becomes a bag with a handle.

The Charlie is the luxury fashion brand’s first “eco-designed sneaker,” as well as its first unisex model

Vegan leather alternatives

Louis Vuitton isn’t the first to explore plant-based footwear. Channel, renowned for its luxury leather goods, has used Piñatex in its designs. Piñatex is derived from pineapple plant fibers from the fruit’s leaves and stalks. The animal-free alternative also helps funnel extra income to pineapple farmers.

Hugo Boss tried out Piñatex too, using the material to make a range of vegan leather shoes. 

And, a recent partnership between Bolt Threads and Kering Group – parent company to brands like Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Saint Laurent – saw mushroom-based leather being used for a myriad of products. 

The Charlie sneakers are priced at $1,080 for the low-tops, and $1,130 for the high-tops. Head to the Louis Vuitton website for more information.

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