Canada Goose Pledges To Stop Buying And Using Fur

Major fashion brand Canada Goose is phasing out fur trims on its jackets following concerns about animal cruelty


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Canada Goose Pledges To Stop Buying And Using Fur Canada Goose announced today that its 'future is fur free' - Media Credit: WWD Business

Canada Goose announced today that it will phase out coyote fur trims on its jackets. The Canadian winter clothing manufacturer has faced backlash due to animal cruelty concerns.

The luxury brand will stop buying fur by the end of this year. It will stop manufacturing its fur products before the end of 2022.

“Our future is fur free,” the company said. “We believe that what we do matters, and how we do it is just as important.”

Cruelty in the fur industry

Coyotes are caught in the wild with spring-loaded traps, according to PETA, before being killed and skinned.

Rebecca Aldworth is the Executive Director of Humane Society International/Canada. She said: “Fur trapping results in prolonged animal suffering, amputation and death for target and non-target wild and companion animals.”

“Notably, the traps used throughout North America are banned in many other countries for animal welfare reasons.”

Is Canada Goose vegan?

Whilst Canada Goose has committed to ditching fur, its products will not be animal-free. Its jackets still feature down and wool.

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