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A vegan cactus leather brand has scooped a major award after announcing its partnership with H&M.

Desserto, owned by Adriano Di Marti, is teaming up with the Swedish fashion giant for its upcoming collection Science Story

As a result, vegan charity PETA has awarded the brand with a Compassionate Business Award.

Cactus leather

Tracy Reiman is PETA’s Executive Vice President. In an online statement, she said: “With vegan leather—made with everything from fruits and fungi to kombucha and cactus—trailblazers like Adriano Di Marti show just how much the fashion world has grown, literally.

“PETA’s Compassionate Business Award celebrates Desserto leather for challenging the false idea that cows are commodities.”

Desserto X H&M

The Science Story collection will launch in selected stores from March 18. 

Key womenswear pieces include a wide-leg bright white jeans with removable double waistband, a lightly-cropped chalk-white shirt with oversized breast-pocket, as well as a cuffed tracksuit

Accessories such as a ‘chunky necklace with orange swirls and rhinestone detailing, coordinating statement loop rhinestone earrings, and high-heeled green strap sandals’ are also part of the collection. As well as recycled plastic blue sunglasses with a double-lens frame.

Moreover, Ella Soccorsi is a Concept Designer at H&M. In an online statement, she said: “Innovation Stories is a platform that pushes our experimentation to the next level.”

“The initiative encourages our work with scientists and developers and puts a spotlight on our progressive ideas.”

Soccorsi then concluded: “Science Story is a homage to the years of research and experiments behind these incredible materials.”

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