Anti-Vegan Lifestyle Brand Launches So People Can Declare That They’re ‘Proud’ To Eat Meat

The anti-vegan merch will reportedly make you become a "social hand grenade"


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Not Vegan Friendly The lifestyle brand sells "Fat Burning Juice" and anti-vegan merchandise. - Media Credit: Not Vegan Friendly

Bodybuilder and “transformation expert” James Kennedy has launched an anti-vegan lifestyle brand. Kennedy launched the label, called Not Vegan Friendly, to make a “clear statement” – “I’m proud to not be a vegan,” he said.

According to the brand’s website, Kennedy has more than 20 years experience as a fitness professional, and in that time, has transformed thousands of “bodies.”

Alongside his work, he has also developed a “strong scientific stance against the tyranny of veganism,” the website reads. 

However, it does not specify what aspects of veganism Kennedy is scientifically against, or why. 

Speaking to Portsmouth’s The News, Kennedy said: “I wanted to create a brand which is very clearly not suitable for vegans and make an unequivocal statement that I’m proud not to be a vegan.”

Ironically, most of the products the brand offers are in fact suitable for vegans.

He later commented, “Vegans are frequently a very loud and often preachy minority, but the truth is, just three percent of the UK population are vegans so we’re here to stand up for the vast majority of people who eat meat.

“If you’ll excuse the pun, but a lot of people are fed up with vegans ramming their beliefs down our throats so it’s time to speak out in favour of our different and perfectly valid choice to eat meat.”


Credit: Not Vegan Friendly

The Not Vegan Friendly shop stocks supplements, including “Fat Burning Juice.” It also offers meal replacements: Rump Formula for men and Hump Formula for women. 

It sells merchandise too, including clothing and accessories with distinct anti-vegan slogans. The company said the products are a way to become a “social hand grenade.”

“I’ve created Not Vegan Friendly to provide a simple, effective lifestyle strategy to help transform your body. Taking the guesswork out of nutrition, making a plan far more specific for your needs,” Kennedy said in a video.

However, he doesn’t expand on how or whether any of the supplements it sells can be tailored to one’s individual needs. 

Driving his anti-vegan message home, the website features a large image of a scantily clad Kennedy with devil horns and wings. He appears to be standing in flames looking contemplatively into the distance. 

“The creator and leader,” the site says about Kennedy. “Not all heroes wear capes.”

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