83% Of Veganuary Participants Plan To Make Permanent Changes To Their Diet

It follows recent reports that more than two million animals were spared during Veganuary 2022


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Person pushing meat away to eat vegan food Hundreds of thousands of people signed up to go vegan at the start of the year, and many plan to keep up the lifestyle. - Media Credit: Adobe Stock

A majority of those who partook in this year’s Veganuary initiative now plan to make permanent changes to their diets, according to data released today. 

The global campaign that encourages people to go vegan for the month of January drew in more participants than ever this year, with more than 629,000 people signing up.

Participants hailed from 228 countries and territories; every country in the world was represented, bar North Korea and Tajikistan, where the internet is either banned or extremely restricted.

A survey conducted by Veganuary has revealed that more than a third (36 percent) of non-vegans who signed up plan to stay vegan now that the challenge has ended. 

Twenty percent of those said the chief reason for staying vegan was because they found it easier than expected. Another 20 percent said the health benefits they experienced during the challenge are the main motivator. Participants reported increased energy, improved mood, “better” skin, and desired changes in body weight. 

Further, 74 percent of those who won’t be staying vegan plan to at least halve their intake of animal products from here on in. And, 76 percent are extremely or very likely to try going vegan again in the future. 

‘Positive change for the planet, people, and animals’

“These incredible results show that Veganuary is so much more than a one-month pledge as taking part leads to lasting diet change for most participants,” Veganuary’s international head of communications Toni Vernelli said. “With 83 percent of our 2022 participants planning to at least halve their intake of animal products permanently – including 36 percent who plan to stay fully vegan, Veganuary really is driving positive change for the planet, people, and animals.” 

Indeed, the month-long pledge had a significant impact on animals, according to data released by the organization earlier this month. Veganuary stated that this year’s campaign helped spare the lives of more than 2.16 million animals in just 31 days.

She continued: “We work very hard to equip our participants with as much useful advice, delicious recipes and friendly support as possible, so it’s very rewarding to know that 98 percent would recommend Veganuary to others! This figure has been consistent for several years, demonstrating the value of Veganuary’s work in making plant-based eating easy and accessible for everyone.” 

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