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New England Patriots’ Lawrence Guy Says Plant-Based Food Has Prolonged His Career

Defensive tackle Lawrence Guy says eating mostly plant-based food has been 'life-changing'


(updated 5th July 2021)

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New England Patriots' Lawrence Guy Says Plant-Based Food Has Prolonged His Career The New England Patriots player says plant-based protein helps him recover more quickly - Media Credit: Instagram
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American football defensive tackle for the New England Patriots, Lawrence Guy, has credited plant-based food for prolonging his career.

The 31-year-old athlete – who just signed a four-year, $11.5 million contract extension with the Patriots – spoke to ESPN about his diet.

Guy adopted a mostly plant-based diet around 2012 or 2013. His wife Andrea inspired the change. He told the sports publication that his diet is the main reason he has lasted 10 seasons in the NFL.

“I’ve been eating vegan in the offseason for many years,” Guy said. “To me, it’s an aspect of replacing things with a healthier way of living.”

Vegan food has helped his body recover more quickly, according to the 6’4″ footballer.

“It has helped me fully recover and just flush the body out. You get beat up on this field every day. Your body needs nutrition more than ever to recover. What’s the best way to do that? I think it’s plant-based. All you’re doing is prolonging your career in a certain way,” he said.

Plant-Based Protein

Guy added that it’s ‘amazing’ what plant-based protein can do. “You don’t need animal protein all the time to gain strength and recover,” he added.

“Protein from chicken, fish, cows or bison, your body has to break that down. But when it comes to these vegetables and grains, the body doesn’t need to break down as much and as hard, so it constantly gets all the nutrition from it,” he explained.

Guy still eats meat sometimes but he has drastically cut his intake.

“I used to eat so much meat, I would bloat. Once I substituted other stuff in there, the bloating came out,” he said.

“So I always tell people, ‘don’t be afraid to try something new.’ You never know what’s life-changing.”

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