Vegan basketballer John Salley Vegan basketballer John Salley has spoken out about the benefits of plant-based eating. - Media Credit: The Photo Access / Alamy Stock Photo

Basketball Legend John Salley On Why All NBA Athletes Should Go Plant-Based


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NBA champ John Salley spoke to SHOWTIME Basketball about the many health benefits of veganism.

Salley owns a vegan restaurant and has been a passionate and longtime advocate of a plant-based diet.

The former athlete, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Pistons, and Chicago Bulls, previously urged the U.S government to ‘remove racial bias from its dietary guidelines’.

He is now advocating for all NBA athletes to go plant-based. He also spoke on the show about different methods of activism and how people can better advocate for veganism.

Basically, he’s our hero!

Watch the full interview below:

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5 months ago

For those who don’t want to wade through a nearly 90 minute interview, be aware that John Salley starts discussing veganism (in reply to Kevin Garnett’s question) at the 21:48 mark and then again at the 46:55 mark (the next 14 minutes involve some verbal meandering) and then again for a couple of minutes after the 1 hr 19 min mark.

I love it when he says, “If you eat dead sh!t [animal bodies], you’re a casket, you are a coffin for things that should be buried.”

John also reports that not long after going macrobiotic vegan his cholesterol levels were cut in half (from 270s), his pimples cleared up, and his “libido went through the roof.” He had far more energy on the basketball court than previously.

Rowland Ross
Rowland Ross
5 months ago
Reply to  t.conway1

Dear oh dear! What a supercilious bunch of people you are. I wonder how you would survive without a pampered modern world and the pharmaceutical industry.

5 months ago
Reply to  Rowland Ross

You can do better than just dish out baseless ad hominems. It’s all the brainwashed-from-birth consumers of the SAD (Standard American Diet), heavy on meat, dairy and junk food, that have to rely on Big Pharma b/c of diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etc etc (as do the hapless animals enslaved in the factory farm system, stuffed with Big Pharma’s growth hormones and antibiotics etc)

Rowland Ross
Rowland Ross
5 months ago
Reply to  t.conway1

You may be surprised to find that I agree with virtually everything you have said. However you forgot the copious amounts of: potatoes, rice, pasta, puddings, pies, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks, not to mention the constant consumption of snack foods made from similar ingredients. And not a piece of fruit or a vegetable in sight. This still doesn’t give you the right to denigrate a food with which you don’ agree, given that many people with an excellent knowledge of nutrition still choose to include it as part of a balanced diet and given that multi millions around the globe couldn’t exist without it.

PS. The SAD consists of approx 70% of foods of plant origin (mostly sugars).

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